Delton’s First Communion

Today Delton received his first communion.  Delton  was very excited about this. Pastor Jorgensen talked to Delton last week because he has become very interested in the communion process. The pastor said that he was ready, since he has the natural curiosity and he knew what he had to do without being told.   He said that Delton was totally ready, since he even knew to say Amen, unlike most adults in the church.
So, Delton went upfront very proud and took his communion glass. Knealt at the altar and placed his hands out to receive the bread and then the wine. We thought he would have made a face while drinking the wine, but he didn’t. He said that he thought it tasted good (Tim’s worried that we have a drinker on our hands now – LOL).  They didn’t have a special service for this event.  Later on they will when he is in 2nd or 3rd grade.  Delton’s grandparents and step-brother came to witness this very special moment in Delton’s spiritual life.
Here is a picture of Delton with Pastor Jorgensen.

Delton and Pastor Jorgensen

Delton and Pastor Jorgensen


4 thoughts on “Delton’s First Communion

  1. I’m sorry I missed it….Alexa is not so good in church just yet. We are still working on it! I’m glad all went well. Congratulations!:)

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