Snow Day!

We have our first offical snow day of the year here in Lancaster!  But, the sad thing is, it is mostly ice  😦   so we can’t go sledding, plus it’s raining.  I almost rolled down the steps this morning, when I went to shovel.

I pulled out the blow up pirate ship today and blew it up with my own hot air!  Keep all comments to yourself 🙂

Here are some fun pictures of the kids in the pirate ship.  Check out Julia’s hair!

Delton has a grand old time!

Delton has a grand old time!

What crazy hair!

What crazy hair!

Here is a cool picture of our neighbors tree.

A Frozen Treat!

A Frozen Treat!


4 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. we have a snow day today too- thank goodness considering the amount of nasty in my house last night and today. It is still sleeting here- we got quite a bit of snow, but now it has lots of ice on top of it.

    I love J’s hair! Those are the best pics! I can’t believe how grown she looks- she looks nothing like a baby anymore! Where did our babies go?

  2. now that is one cool toy! Can I come and play in the pirate ship!!?? haha! And I just have two of the cutest cousins everrrrr!

  3. I’ve seen a few blogs with ice storms. That is insane! The pirate ship looks fun though and I’m impressed you blew that entire thing up without a pump!

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