Always carry extra pants

Between me starting class and us always attempting to maintain some semblance of order around the house for showings, a post about our annual trek to the Farm Show somehow slipped between the cracks.

We had a great time, as usual, but did not get off to a great start. First off, Friday after work was not our first choice for going. Next year, we’ll have to do as Pete and Laura did…take a day off from work and make a day of it.

Just as we paid the $8 parking fee, Delton goes quiet…and then suddenly throws up in his lap. Naturally, this had him quite upset. We managed to find a close parking spot and round up Dale, JR and Erin to run interference while we cleaned up. All of our wipes were frozen, but Leish managed to score some from a nearby van. And, fortunately, we still carry an extra set of clothing for Delton in the diaper bag.

Somehow we managed to get it together and made the call to continue inside. Glad we did, because Delton was fine. See for yourself (don’t mind the mismatched pants):

more pics


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