2 Hour Delay!

We were awaken this morning at 5:15 with a phone call, we had a 2 hour delay. Over night it snowed about 6 inches. Lititz got 12 inches! It was the light stuff that takes no effort at all to shovel. I shoveled the back and the front and the neighbors walks (he is in warm Florida right now). Then I rushed the kids to school and went to work early to be able to listen to a telephone conference regarding preschool funding for this year! My job is secured one more year, unless the district loses the grant.
Tim is sick right now, so he went to bed around 7 last night and slept through the night. Both Julia and Delton have colds too. Julia’s ear is still infected even though she has the tubes in, the one ear was really infected when she got the tubes in. She is on antibiotics again and drops. Delton is caughing – all the time.


2 thoughts on “2 Hour Delay!

  1. Yeah for the snow delay! I’m jealous though because we had just the lightest of dustings- I’m not even sure it counted as a dusting. Sorry everyone is sick- I hope your family feels better soon!

  2. First of all…if the neighbor is in FL, y are u shoveling his driveway???
    We got nothing here last night. Although, now it is coming down like its nobody’s business. Maybe this is our surprise foot of snow?!?!?

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