Oh, Kitty pooh….

Well it is official, our house is listed and on the market.

We had our first official showing yesterday, so we ran around like freaks cleaning before leaving for a special night away (that post to come soon).  Everything is looking great and ready for some home shoppers.  We get this email this morning:

The property showed very well. However, my clients are looking for a property which is not in quite as nice a condition as this property.  They want liveable, but with the opportunity to do some of their own fix up. They are going to place an offer on another property. Also, just for your information. The owners were unaware that their dog had left his bowel movement in the middle of the living room. The smell did permeate the downstairs.

Can you believe that?  It actually wasn’t even the dog because she was with us, it was our cat!  How embarassing!  Leave it to happen to us!  We were joking around on Saturday morning that she would leave a nice little gift in the cat litter box and stink up the house, but she decided differently.

Also imagine, our house was to nice!


3 thoughts on “Oh, Kitty pooh….

  1. OH MY GOSH, that’s hilariously embarrassing!! Too too funny! Shoot, if you lived closer, we’d take the house! We’re out house shopping right now and we’re having the opposite problem! Nothing nice enough! I gotta see your house! Is there a listing somewhere! Maybe it’ll convince me to move! 😉

  2. “They want liveable, but with the opportunity to do some of their own fix up”….why can’t they say what they mean, which is…”we can’t afford it”

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