No more crib

Well we broke down and converted Julia’s crib into a toddler bed today 😦
During nap today she kept getting up and emptied a whole entire drawer. Tim sent me a video that he took of her doing it. I placed her in it tonight and we will see if she stays. My baby isn’t a baby anymore – next thing; potty training.


2 thoughts on “No more crib

  1. Wow! I am no where near ready to put Riley in a bed. We will tackle that and potty training this summer. Or hopefully this summer. Riley just might stay in a crib until he is 30!

  2. Alexa won’t even sleep in her’s, she’d rather sleep on the floor! At least she is sleeping. I’m thinking this summer for potty training also, she doesn’t seem the least bit interested in it, so I’m not pushing it. Good Luck with that!

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