Facebook sucks

No, not like that. I mean that Facebook keeps sucking our attention away from this blog. And that’s OK. Facebook is great for immediate gratification and keeping tabs on friends. I’ve always viewed this family site as more a record for posterity—the little things about us and our kids that we’ll want to look back on in 10 or 20 years.

That’s why it’s here that I’m posting about Delton’s concerns over our eventual move. Since we don’t have concrete plans, we’ve only really broached the topic by noting that we are looking at houses and people are looking at ours.

Yesterday, after I pointed out the new “Open House” sign in front of our porch, he asked, “What about my toys? What about my books?”

“We’ll put everything in boxes and take it with us,” I said.

This morning he asked if we could put his friends in boxes too.


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