Update on the house

We sent in a counter offer and they sent another counter offer back today. argghhh…..
They are willing to take the price but now have added that they want a home warranty and $500 towards a new stove (the front burner of our stove does not work). Um, I can do the home warranty – but I didn’t even buy myself a new stove, so why would I buy someone else one?


3 thoughts on “Update on the house

  1. can you counter there offer again? Maybe the price and the warranty but drop the stove and see if they accept? I don’t really know anything about selling houses……good luck- I hope it works out!

  2. If they are willing to take the price, that doesn’t mean they can set additional conditions. Remember once they give you an offer, they cannot add to the offer until it is accepted or denied. Once you receive an offer, the ball is in your court. If you want to tell them to take a hike on the $500, say so. Keep in mind it IS A GAME, if you have someone who wants to play, play back with them. In my opinion, do not back off. See what happens. They may have a negotiator/realtor who is messing with you. You are in a good neighborhood with some action, so you have leverage.

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