Julia’s new Fear

Julia was getting a bath tonight and as soon as I started letting the water out – she started freaking out.  She has the fear that she is going to be sucked down the drain.  Oh, it seems like just yesterday that Delton had the same fear.

Poor Julia is not feeling very well.  For 3 nights she has been getting up 5-7 times.  It’s starting to take a toll on us.  I took her to the doctors yesterday because her eyes were all puffy and she had drainage from her eyes and nose.  Her ears looked good – no infection, thank God.  Here she has a virus and there is nothing we can do, just let it run it’s course.  Um – I don’t know if I can let it run it’s course before I go crazy from lack of sleep.

She was a hoot while at the doctors office.  The nurses thought that she was the cutiest thing.  She kept talking to them and talking about all kinds of things around her and they were amazed.  I said that she is jibber mouth and just loves to talk.  It’s so true.  When we go to the store, she talks the whole entire time while there.  Same thing in the car, if she doesn’t fall asleep.  I guess we better start saving up for those phone bills .  🙂


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