Julia’s 2 year check up

Everything looks good with our 2 year old. Her ears are still draining and she is now on antibiotics by drops and oral. Hopefully that heals everything up. She was lucky and didn’t have to get any shots today.

Here are her stats.
Height : 33 inches (25%)
Weight: 24 pounds 12 ounces (25%)
So she is growing, but still on the small side. Her height and weight are very well proportioned the doctor said – which is great.

She cut her little finger at school today and looks so sad about it. She wouldn’t let us see it or even the doctor, at first. She had to bribe her with a cool new band-aid.  Nothing like taking your daughter to the doctor with dried blood all over her shirt and pants (I didn’t have an extra shirt at school – bad mommy). The doctor took a look and her finger and it got cut right where it bends, but it should be fine. She was playing around the sink in the room and found a sharp piece under it – of course.
Our baby is truly blossoming into a little girl and not a baby anymore, which is starting to bother me. I miss my babies and have been sad about that, but with the economy we can’t afford another little one right now.


2 thoughts on “Julia’s 2 year check up

  1. I’m glad everything went well at the doctor- it is hard to believe the kids are turning two. Riley doesn’t have his appointment until May 1- but I’m curious how his stats will turn out.

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