His Jewish Pappy

Today, I met my mom at Fort Indiantown Gap to deliver the kids, freeing up our weekend for packing and loading the truck. It’s been a while since we’d visited my father’s grave at the national cemetary, so we cut some flowers to place at his head stone.

While there, despite my warnings that they were disrespecting the dead (funny how that fell on deaf preschool ears), Delton and Julia amused themselves by jumping from marker to marker. Almost all the stones are marked with a religious symbol, many of them a simple outline of a cross indicating the deceased was a Protestant Christian.

The only different symbol that Delton noticed was a Star of David, which I explained was for Jewish people, like his friend, Amelia. I mentioned that they celebrate different holidays, and left it at that.

About an hour later, after eating at Funck’s (which has a great fish sandwhich, BTW), Delton needed to use the bathroom. As he often does, he started chatting while I was patiently waiting outside the stall. These converstaions tend to get pretty in depth, as his time on the pot can last up to 15-2o minutes. An excerpt:

D: What does Jewish mean again?

T: Someone who is Jewish doesn’t believe in Jesus.

D: Oh, you mean like my Pappy?

T: Well, Pappy is a Christian like you, but he just doesn’t go to church very often.

D: That’s why he doesn’t tell me any stories about God.


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