For you Pam!

Well I got a complaint from my 1 reader, Pam, that we haven’t been updating our blog enough. I will blame it all on Facebook. I have noticed that it has taken my time away from blogging. ARGH!
Well I was hit with the realization, summer is soon over 😦
I don’t want to go back at all. My job is up in the air anyway with the state budget issue, since I’m grant funded through the state. I’m safe with job security, but it might be a job that I do not want. I basically have to take what is open. If it comes down to that, I hope it’s a primary grade and not intermediate. So, the last few weeks have been very stressful with waiting to see if we we will be funded or our funds will be cut.
VBS starts tomorrow. I have been a VBS working bee. Everything is in place and ready to go – I hope. I had to get it all organized and then once it starts rolling – it’s all down hill. I hope.
Delton went to science camp last week. He loved it. He learned a lot of cool things about caves, rain forests, polar regions and the desert. He was very excited to go every day. He was up some times at 6:30 ready to go. There is another one in August – thinking about signing him up. When he was at camp, Julia and I went SHOPPING! Yes, it was a very expensive week. I got a great deal on clothing for the kids for next year and shoes for Tim. I got over $407 worth of clothing and shoes for only $170. Isn’t that awesome?
Julia is our potty princess right now. A week ago she decided she wanted to wear big girl underwear, so we started down the potty training path. She is doing a great job. Once in awhile while she is playing she has an accident, but other than that she is doing great. We skipped pull ups and went right to big girl pants. We have been placing a diaper on her at night, just in case, but she is usually dry in the morning.
The potty training thing kind of makes me sad, my baby isn’t a baby anymore 😦


2 thoughts on “For you Pam!

  1. I hear ya on the Facebook thing- I spend more time there too. But thanks for the post 🙂

    I’m so sorry about your job stress right now- I would be a terrible mess if it were me. I hope it all works!

    Glad D like science camp- those were some great deals! Next time, I’ll be happy to shop with you- I do like spending $$ 😉

    Yeah for Julia! Riley is doing great during the day with the potty- but he is not good at night. We still use a pull up at nap and night time. But, I don’t care because he is doing great during the day. Julia picked it up really quickly!! Good for her!

  2. LOL- Go Pam! . . . however, I have the same problem. I’m SO behind on my blog posting and reading.

    Yay for potty training!! That is so awesome. I have to admit, it will be bittersweet when Brennon starts potty training. He’s my baby!

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