Delton Jokes

We visited the Kids Corner Web site tonight while listening to the show. They are running their Candy Carnival where kids vote for their favorite and least favorite candies. Julia likes chocolate, but dislikes candy corn. Delton surprised me by saying his favorite is “chocolate cream eggs,” which I assume means my beloved Cadbury Creme Eggs. He dislikes jawbreakers, probably because he got a ton of them at a parade last year, and we wouldn’t let him eat any.

The Web site also has a form for submitting jokes to an online joke book. I asked Delton if he had any he wanted to share, and again, he surprised me by rattling off these two “scary” ones without skipping a beat (even correcting me when I worded it differently):

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party?

Because he didn’t have any-BODY to go with!

Which ghost has the best hearing?

Why, the EAR-iest one, of course!


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