Home sick….

Well we have had a sick household this past week.  Delton came down with a fever, sore throat, runny nose and headache on Tuesday.  So, he is on his 3rd day of being home from school.  Julia woke up this morning with a fever – no other symptoms.  She is crazier than ever.

This is my second day home this week (had to cancel meetings twice) and Tim stayed home yesterday.  What a pain in the butt.  I wish we had family who lived close by to help us out on days like these.  I have to be so careful with my job because they implemented a new attendance policy last year.  We get 10 sick days a year, but they are now regulating them.  Why do they give them then?  No clue – enough complaining.

We are hoping the kids are going to be alright for trick or treating tomorrow night and a small Halloween party we are having Saturday with some friends.  This year the kids have decided to be the following:  Delton a knight and Julia a pumpking.  I stayed up until 2:30 am Sunday making their costumes so they could wear them to Dutch Wonderland Sunday night. Oh, what a mother does for her children.

We had a great time at Dutch Wonderland‘s  Happy Hauntings.  Here are some pictures of the kids and the family.

My Amish Family.

My Amish Family.


Our knight without his awesome cape, shield, helmet or sword.


Julia and Delton at DW


Our little pumpkin.


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