“Mommy I love you!”

A conversation this afternoon with Delton:

D:  “Mommy I love you!”

M:  “I love you too!”

D:  “Mommy, will you love me forever?”

M:  “Yes, Delton I will love you forever and ever and ever.”

D:  “Will you love me when you die?”

M;  “Yes, I will love you when I die”  (Very morbid at this point)

D:  “Mom, when I get older I’ll take my kids to see your grave – that will be fun”  (Lost it at that point)

M:  “I don’t think that will be fun.  Wouldn’t you be sad?”

D:  “Yes, but I still love you”

Out of the mouths of babes.


3 thoughts on ““Mommy I love you!”

  1. At least you know you will not be forgotten!

    Maybe instead of tombstones, we should have our ashes spread around a playground…you know, for the grandkids.

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