Election Day 2009

I tried to vote with a two- and four-year old under tow this evening. It wasn’t pretty. I had to entice Delton to enter the polling place (the ambulance association at East Donegal Township’s municipal building) by showing him the basket of candy at the registration table. Then, we waited about five minutes in line, which was apparently enough time for both kids to climb up on a stool and grab a ruler from a pencil jar and pull on a string of lights decorating a bulletin board.

The cavernous ambulance bay amplified the kid’s voices, surely annoying everyone inside. I opted for the paper ballot, thinking it would be faster. All it got me was a shaky voting stand made more unstable by one child crawling underneath and another grabbing the top. In the end, my votes for school board were not accepted because one of the responses strayed outside the box. The poll worker said he could void that section or I could re-vote. Seeing as I was already about to strangle the kids, I chose to get the hell out of there. (I didn’t really know any of the school board candidates anyway, so perhaps this was God’s way of preventing me from making the wrong choices.)

Aleisha’s dad was waiting at the house when we got back. In spite of his earlier inattention, Delton somehow managed to pick up and pass on to Dale my earlier explanation about Donegal’s high school referendum. “We were voting to raise money for a new school, Pappy.” I see now that this did not pass, which is disappointing (it’s the second such referendum to levy taxes for some badly needed school construction) but not surprising. Wonder if the current school’s trailers will still be there in ten years when Delton starts?


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