Erin & Jeremy Get Married

Had a great time in Easton this weekend. The kids were (mostly) on their best behavior, and we were shocked to see them holding hands as they walked down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl (although, they bore neither rings nor flowers, much to Delton’s confusion). Aleisha played the part of a gorgeous bridesmaid and I that of co-best man.

Get a Room

See lots more pics on Facebook.

Two minor snafus: Delton had to go #2 after walking down the aisle and the father of the groom was the one to take him. This meant he missed the first ten minutes of his son’s ceremony. Also, I made a hasty decision to leave the reception early in order to stave off any meltdowns. I figured once they were asleep, I’d get someone to watch them so Leish and I could return for the end of the reception (we were staying at the same hotel). Well, that didn’t go as planned, but at least Aleisha and I got to bed at a decent hour for once!

Delton amused himself during the reception by taking photos with our camera. This one is my favorite:

Julia Watching

Props to Tyler and Kaitlyn, whose toasts were much better than mine in spite of me having notes! Not sure what I actually said, but here’s what I wrote down:

When Jeremy and Erin first told us about their wedding date, I was a little leery of having one more thing to worry about in the middle of December. But today was beautiful and the bride and groom look radiant. And with Christmas only one week away, today is a perfect reminder that marriage is a gift. It comes all wrapped up in this beautiful package, but there are a lot of little pieces and putting it together will take some work. It’s one of those gifts you have to share, with each other, but in doing so you will grow closer together and that bond will bring you much joy.


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