Momma Julia is ‘n the House!

All is quiet and the kids have been asleep for about 1 1/2 hours, until you hear a small little voice yell, “Momma, I need help!” Well of course only bad things come flooding into my head as I run up the steps, expecting to see a child about to throw up or even worse. I open the door and walk into: Julia playing mommy. At first I was like, “Oh how cute!” But then I noticed traces of diaper cream on her sheets, covers, hands and all over Ariel the Mermaid’s naked butt. I look and survey the scene some more and this is what I see: books sprawled all over the bed, rectal thermometer (still in it’s case thank goodness) laying by the Little Mermaid (poor mermaid), wipes (trying to clean up the evidence), nail clippers, nail file and a medicine dropper (no medicine don’t worry – it was part of a grooming kit and we never used it).

So, I clean her up and try to not crack up.  Tell her it is now time for bed and that you shouldn’t play with the items she had out.  She says  “Okay mommy.”  Tuck her into bed, turn off the lights, give her a big kiss with a grin on my face and tell her, “I love you baby!” and get the response back, “Love you too mommy.”

Oh the funnies of mother hood.


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