Disney Day 0: And we’re off!

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Aleisha and I both confessed to each other that we were a little nervous about flying, as it’s been years since either of us has done it. The kids, however, took everything in stride, from the extra hour waiting at Lehigh Valley International through take-off and the two-plus hour flight. Earlier in the day, Aleisha overheard Delton explaining to Julia that we’d be flying close to the stars, so she had to be careful not to look directly at them. He also said, “We’ll be like bats!” He sat by the window, but asked Aleisha to close the shade as the jets kicked in.

Julia sat with me and kept me busy pulling stuff out of her bag. The coloring book, stickers, markers and Play-Doh only lasted about 30 minutes. I don’t even remember how I kept her entertained the rest of the time, but we survived. I was hoping she’d sleep, but of course, that didn’t happen until we started our descent.

Arrived in Orlando just after 11 p.m. Nice airport, but the security lines, even sitting empty at that late hour, look a bit harrowing. Sure was nice to have Dale and Brenda there to pick us up. And, best of all, they took our luggage down in the van, so no need to wait for that. It’s like our own version of Disney’s Magic Express!


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