Disney Day 1: EP-COLD!

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First stop, EPCOT. With morning temps in the 40’s, I wish I had paid closer attention to the forecast when packing the suitcase. Crowds seem light, and we manage to squeeze in most of the kid-friendly Future World rides before 1. Delton got a bit freaked out on both Test Track and Universe of Energy, but ultimately enjoyed them. He turned down a chance at Soarin’ to do Spaceship Earth again. Good choice…the former is too short and the latter is even better than I remember it, thanks to Judy Dench and the new interactive touch panel.

We retreated to the resort for an afternoon nap. A necessary move considering our late arrival last night, but I didn’t realize that most of EPCOT’s rides shut down at 7 p.m. By the time we returned to the park, we managed only to squeeze in the totally lame Circle of Life propaganda film. Aleisha wisely suggested we check out the character line, which was much shorter than it appeared at lunchtime, when it was comprised primarily of cheerleaders. Reading the Unofficial Guide made me skeptical of the whole signature collection gimmick, but the kids seemed genuinely interested and, based on past experiences with large costumed characters, were surprisingly patient and pleasant. Julia was especially sweet with Minnie, which made us feel better after the heartbreaking moment earlier when we told her the line was too long and she stuck out her bottom lip with a few pitiful sobs.

Although Illuminations was only a half-hour away, we decided to call it a night in order to grab some supper and get more sleep.

Photos from today


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