Disney Day 3: Where’s Dale?

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Today, seeing yet more animals won out over Hollywood Studios, and we had a good time in Sea World. Considering it was President’s Day, the park didn’t seem overly crowded. We easily saw three shows with decent seats, only arriving early for the first performance of the big Shamu show, Believe. Seeing trained orcas was as awesome as I remembered it being 15 years ago, and I think the kids were duly impressed. The only drawback to the show is that the acrobatics of the ginormous video displays often distract from those of the sea mammals. Plus, the accompanying film is a bit schmaltzy, even for my taste.

The other two shows were aimed at producing laughs. The pet show is almost an exact clone of one we’ve seen a few times at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, but seeing four dachshunds running out of a trap door on a hot dog cart never gets old. Clyde and Seymour Take Pirate Island stars sea lions and otters, but the most laughs there were earned by the comic mime who warmed up the audience by surreptitiously harassing visitors as they entered the arena.

The shark exhibit was only so-so, but the penguins were great (even though their habitat looks like its due for an update). Beyond those, the only other attraction we saw was Wild Arctic, which combines a souped-up helicopter ride simulator with a polar bear and walrus exhibit made up to look like an abandoned arctic research station. We convinced Delton to try the ride, but it was a bit intense for his taste. Julia was too short, but she enjoyed the rest of it.

I should also note that we really enjoyed the fajitas at Mango Joe’s, which was surprisingly uncrowded after the Shamu show.

And, speaking of food, we weren’t sure what to do about supper, but I suggested we just get take-out somewhere. Once the kids were in bed, we finally settled on picking something up from Chili’s. Dale volunteered to pick up the grub. He thought he knew where he was headed, but left without taking his cell phone or GPS unit (which he affectionately dubbs “Missy”). Over the next hour, while watching the Olympics on TV, we proceeded to conjure up all sorts of scenarios for what might have happened to Dale. He returned around 10 after a simple case of heading in the wrong direction.

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