Let’s Play

Julia’s latest game goes like this: “Daddy, let’s play x. You be y, and I”ll be z.”

Some recent examples:

  • “Daddy, let’s play Scooby-Doo. You be Shaggy, and I’ll be Velma.”
  • “Daddy, let’s play Nemo. You be the daddy, and I’ll be Nemo.”
  • “Daddy, let’s play Peter Pan. You be Peter, and I’ll be Wendy.”
  • “Daddy, let’s play Care Bears. You be the blue one, and I’ll be the pink one.”
  • “Daddy, let’s play Mickey. You be Mickey, and I’ll be Minnie.”
  • “Daddy, let’s play Dog’s birthday. You be Duck, and I’ll be Dog.” (from a single episode of Word World)
  • “Daddy, let’s play Star Wars. You be Luke, and I’ll be Leia.”

(OK, OK. That last one is only wishful thinking. For now.)

Got any role-playing suggestions for Julia?


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