Bedtime prayers

Although we’ve gotten away from laying down with Delton after tucking him in, we have started taking a few minutes after lights-out to say a prayer. Usually, he just listens, but tonight he sneaked in two deep questions: “Are we rich?” and “How do people die?”

For the first, I pointed out to him how we live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, how we never go hungry, how we get to do fun things like take trips and how we have each other. He took all this in, agreed with it, then asked if we could pray for poor people.

For the latter, I told him that I’d rather not give him a laundry list of death just before saying “sweet dreams.” I said that most people, especially those who are as fortunate as us, live long lives and die when we get old.

D: “But what about accidents?”

T: “Accidents are rare, but that’s why we pay attention to safety.”

D: “Don’t some people get eaten?”

T: “Very, very, very few get eaten.”

D: “What about lions? They can eat people.”

T: “But we don’t have lions here. And humans are more dangerous to lions than they are to us.”

This, naturally, evolved into a brief discussion of animal rights and our recent trip to Animal Kingdom.

Then we got back on track and said a prayer for all the people who are dead. I should have made sure to include all the fairy tale characters who died in the CD of stories we picked up at the library and listened to on the way home. We must have heard the word “kill” about 20 times!


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