Mother’s Day

My mother’s day is going well so far, I have a few hours left.  Felt weird not being able to hang out with my mom on Mother’s Day, first time ever (she is in Florida right now).  It just didn’t feel right and just felt like a piece was missing. 😦

Today Tim was woken up at 6:30 for the start of checking off the Mother’s Day To Do List by very excited children.

√ Wake up

√ Let mommy sleep

√  Finish Bird Feeders -I’ll have to place a picture later on

√ Make Breakfast (A yummy onion, mushroom, garlic and cheese omlet with cheese and some strawberries) – while sitting and eating breakfast all eyes were staring at me (breakfast in bed), a little weird if I say so myself.  LOL  While eating Delton asked the following question, “When is Brother’s Day?”  Tim and I practically rolled off the bed laughing.

√ Get ready for church

√ Go to church & Sunday School

√ Get some lunch – had lunch at my favorite place in the world,  El Serano!  Had chicken Fajitas!  YUMMY!!  🙂

√ Drop mommy off at the movies (went to the movies with my mother-in-law and saw Date Night in Hershey.  HILARIOUS!!!  I’ll have to see it again with Tim).

√  Go to the Park (While I was at the movies, Tim took the kids to a playground in Hershey.  After the movies we met a Dunkin’ Donuts for a snack and have some time with Nana)

10.  Still don’t know what the cooking project is? Can’t check that off the to do list.

11.  Haven’t had Sport time/ wrestling, so we need to keep that one on the list too.


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