Soccer Shots Saturday

To raise money for their Soccer Africa Project in South Africa, F&M’s men’s soccer team offered a free Soccer Shots clinic for 3-6 year olds. I signed Delton and Julia up, seeing the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the sport.

After the infamous Itty-Bitty Baseball class of 2009, I fully expected Delton sit on the sidelines. Fortunately, we arrived at F&M’s new-ish turf field at the exact same time as one of his good friends from school, Charlie. Their group of ten or so also included one of my co-workers sons, who Delton had met before. For about twenty minutes, they all had a blast playing with “Coach” Eddie (an F&M player) and some players from the City Islanders of Harrisburg.

All, except Julia that is. She seemed unusually shy this morning, and hung by my side while Delton played keep-away and took shots on the small goals. Oh, well, one out of two ain’t bad. We spent another thirty minutes or so playing with Charlie and his dad.

Then, it was off to Barnes & Noble to pick up a present for our afternoon birthday party. I was relieved to discover they offered free gift wrap.

We grabbed lunch at McDonald’s before making our way to the city for the party, which was for a classmate of Delton’s, Noa. I planned to drop him off and take Julia to run some errands, but Noa’s mom insisted that Julia was welcome to stay too. They had lots of fun, and I enjoyed chatting with some of the other parents from the school.

The kids both crashed once we hit the road for home at 4:30. I came very close to pulling off the road to take a nap myself!


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