Father’s Day

In spite of feeling lousy with pink eye, Aleisha once again pulled out all the stops for me on Father’s Day…letting me sleep in, French toast in bed, tons of gifts (can’t wait to update my photo frames at work) and lunch at Appalachian Brewing Company, where we met her dad and brother and Erin. After that we spent a few hours at Indian Echo Caverns, which every bit as cool as I remember it from who knows when…sixth grade, maybe? Delton had his first taste of rock candy and seemed to really like the cave tour. His favorite part was the stories told by our guide, Patrick., especially the one with the mummy and the giant. Julia was a bit apprehensive and somewhat tired, so she preferred to be held inside the caverns. Best present of all—the kids were pretty well-behaved all day (save for an angry outburst from Delton when I took a bite of his candy).

We spent the late afternoon in Lititz Springs Park, where Delton and Julia had a chance to play with some schoolmates, whose mother accompanied Aleisha to the viewing for a mutual coworker’s mom. The kids mostly entertained themselves with me doing little more than some swing-pushing and a bit of pretend-monstering. By the time the moms came back, we had wandered over to the creek where some older boys were tossing boats back and forth. One was kind enough to give Delton his homemade stick raft. After prying the kids away from the park, we ended up at the Freez N Frizz across the street.

Life doesn’t get much sweeter than this!


One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. You forgot to mention that you got scolded at the park for letting the kids feed “junk food” to the duck by an old lady. And your defense comment back was, “My sons feeding them peas!” LOL Love you lots.

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