A few funnies from the kids

  1. The other day I dropped a few goldfish (the cracker kind) out on the drive way.  The kids noticed that the ants had started to carry bits and pieces of the crackers away.  We went out to the car today and Delton yells with excitment, “Mom, LOOK!  The ants devoured the crackers!”
  2. Driving to a playdate today we (the kids and I) drove past Kutztown University.  After we passed it, I told the kids we just went by the college that mommy went too.  All of the sudden Delton spots a mini golf place, the theme is zoo and he says, “Mom I bet you were excited to go to college here, they have a zoo golf course!”  Yes, that is the reason I went to KU!  LOL
  3. Dropped the kids off tonight to stay with Erin and Jeremy so we could go out to eat to celebrate Laura’s birthday.  I was going over a few things and got to Delton’s allergies.  Julia chimes in:  “I’m allergic to brussel sprouts and black beans….”  She said a few others but I can’t remember.

Love them both very much.  Even though I have days they drive me crazy, they always make me laugh.  🙂


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