Some stories to share


Delton comes down and says, “Dad you forgot to give me my flouride.”  They have a conversation and Tim finally says, “You are a good rememberer”  Delton comes back with, “I know, that’s why I have a big head”  HA!!!

Wednesday this week in the car:

Julia blurts out (have no clue why, but she did), “Daddy has a little penis!”  Delton comes back with, “No he doesn’t!”  They are fighting about the size of Tim’s penis people!  Julia then stretches out her hands (like men do when they are talking about the big fish they caught) real wide and says, “This is how big a big penis is.”  Somehow the conversation got to where she made this discovery – the men’s bathroom (I guess she will be going to the ladies room from now on).  I had to stop the argument then, I could hardly hold the laughter inside.  LOL  🙂

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