Summer Winds Down

On my way to work this morning, I drove through what looked like piles of dry, fallen leaves—as if to underscore the point that summer is winding down.

We just got back from a few days in Atlantic City. Dale and Brenda kindly got us and the Becks rooms at the Wyndham Skyline Tower (and drove us there in their awesome Grand Caravan…and treated us to dinner!). This was one of those trips that will turn out to be more memorable for what went wrong: clouds, rain, 20-mph wind, the dumpster on the beach, the overly-tanned bitty wearing a g-string, the broken elevator, the cabin fever, a lack of long-sleeves.

None of that, however, compares to the sound of Delton screeching as the surf chased him, Julia laughing while chasing the boys in our room, Aleisha relishing the spa tub and king-size bed, or the five-year old in me thrilled by the sight of the Thunderbirds practicing for Wednesday’s air show. I even managed to drag everybody to see Lucy the Elephant on our way to Ocean City, where Congo Falls indoor miniature golf course gave all of us some respite from the rain (and PBS Kids).

That said, I think I can do without a return trip to Atlantic City. Delton keeps asking when we are going back to New Jersey. I’ll take that to mean “beach” and “boardwalk,” and the answer is not too soon.


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