Labor Day List

There isn’t much to distinguish one Labor Day weekend at the cabin from any other, but here are some things that stand out from our most recent trip:

  1. Meeting our friends’ baby girl, Cassidy, who did not scare us away from the thought of another child.
  2. Yard sale finds: Lite Brite for Aleisha, Viewmaster for Julia, some random plastic weapons for Delton and Ducktales books for me.
  3. Four laptops, none of them mine!
  4. Julia’s runny nose, Aleisha’s sinus infection and Dale’s bronchitis.
  5. I must have eaten a dozen Oreo cookies and still can’t decide if I like Double Stuf or Golden better.
  6. Kittens at the bookstore!
  7. Cool new spaghetti-like, waterfall-shaped fireworks.
  8. Casey and I playing monster with the kids.
  9. Julia fell in the pond!
  10. I spotted a buck!

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