Fatherly advice

While Julia was at gymnastics with Aleisha, Delton and I packed up Chloe in the car, dropped off some cardboard recycling and then stopped by a nearby park. As we explored the empty skate park, Delton slipped on one of the ramps and bit his tongue.

After the initial pain wore off, he asked me, “Dad, what’s the worst kind of boo-boo?”

“Well, I’ve never broken any bones or cut off a finger, but I imagine those things hurt quite a bit,” I replied. “But, there is one place I can say for certain hurts a lot when hit.”

Let’s just say the conversation ended with Delton learning a new definition for the word “cup.”

The best part is that when I mentioned Delton’s initial question to Aleisha after the kids were in bed, she immediately replied, “Child birth!” I must confess that never even crossed my mind, so I’ll leave her to explain that one to Julia…and maybe Delton too.


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