A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Those of you who attended our wedding may recall the slideshow that we prepared for our reception. We spent hours scanning and producing it (using the original iMovie!), and I was always a little disappointed when we had some technical difficulties with the audio that day.

Since then, this has only existed as a digital file continuously transferred from hard drive to hard drive as we purchased new computers. Here and there we’ve forced our parents and our children and the occasional friend to watch it.

But now, in honor of our tenth anniversary, I present “The Wedding Slideshow” online!*

*I cannot force you to watch it as I could if you were visiting our house, but I’ll be checking the stats.


2 thoughts on “A Stroll Down Memory Lane

  1. that was very cute!
    congrats on 10 years…and i am sure there will be so many more to celebrate.
    and tim…your post was beautiful as well.

  2. I loved it! May you have many, many more years of life together filled with much love, unending happiness, and good health! Love, Carol Lengel xxo

    P.S. Come January, there is going to be a new little Lengel! :>)

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