Skating Party

Today, I took Delton to his friend Mia’s sixth birthday party at a local roller skating rink. He was eager to try this new activity (his three-year old, practically untouched Fisher Price skates don’t count) but a little fuzzy on the details (he asked if we would be doing anything like the ramps at a nearby skating park). I was not so eager to relive a number of middle school skating parties that I mostly spent clinging to the carpeted wall of the Rollers Roost II.

I am relieved to report that I did not embarrass myself, although Delton was happy to share with his friends the fact that I was likely to fall on my butt. Delton was OK on wheels until we reached the actual skating surface. The birthday girl’s dad (thanks, Chad!) suggested that I have the staff tighten his wheels. We did that, but Delton again slipped going onto the wooden floor. He undid the laces right there and plopped down on a bench.

After a few minutes, we joined Mia in the game room, where they played air hockey and a really cool snowmobile arcade game. Before long it was time for cake and presents. Delton picked out a cool wind-up robot kit all by himself when we went to the store to pick out a gift.

As we sat watching the rest of his friends move back to the rink, Delton resolved to give it another go. I think he kept noticing that many of them were also new to this. With a little bit of positive reinforcement, I’m proud to report that we made it all the way around. He had a smile on his face most of the way and kept pointing out who he was ahead of, as if we were racing (as if those same people were not also passing us multiple times).

In the end, a good lesson in perseverance. Let’s hope we get a chance to go skating again soon—this time with mommy and sister.


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