Friends of Ella

The most amazing part of going to State College today to bear witness to THON was not seeing thousands of people dancing and singing in unison. Nor the sight of a score or so of the Trimbles’ friends and family decked out in bright green and pink, sporting all manner of celebratory accessories as they eagerly anticipated any opportunity to cheer on Ella and her adoptive fundraisers, the women’s club basketball team.

It’s been only eighteen months since we spent a few minutes with Ella during one of her many stays at Penn State Hershey, but the best part of today was that those dreary moments seemed so far away. Whether she was on stage for the fashion show, giving me a hug in the stands or sitting next to Julia quietly coloring in the crowded restaurant during dinner, Ella seemed filled with happiness.

And that, more than the millions of dollars raised for cancer research, is the true magic of THON.

I know Delton and Julia were hoping to spend more time with their friends, but they still had some fun (squirt guns and roaming Star Wars characters come to mind). Plus, Aleisha and I got to introduce them to two of our favorite State College establishments: Berkey Creamery (we shared the pumpkin pie and espresso fudge pie flavors) and Growing Tree Toys.


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