War and Peace

Today, while driving Delton to an appointment with his OT, he said something about the U.S. and Spain fighting a war. After I confirmed that we had indeed fought a war a long time ago, he then asked, “Are there any wars going on now?”

So, I proceeded to tell him about Afghanistan and Iraq. “A rock?” he asked. “Why are we fighting a rock?”

“No, I-RAQ. It’s a country in the Middle East, near Egypt and Saudi Arabia,” I replied.

His next question—”Why are we fighting there?”—led me to try and explain how we weren’t really fighting there any more and what a terrorist is. “It’s someone who fights for something they believe in, but in a way that is sneaky and without caring for who gets hurt.”

“Oh, you mean like George Washington?”

Fortunately, at this point, something on the radio or outside the window led him to change the subject.


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