Alpha and Omega

This was a week of new beginnings and bittersweet endings…and I’m not just referring to the $750 we shelled out for a new water heater or the deck umbrella we lost in the violent storms that tore through our neighborhood while we were out.

Delton had his kindergarten graduation on Thursday night. For a preschool like College Hill—where kindergarten is the highest grade level—I think this ceremony has a little more meaning. In the more than five years that he’s been there, this school moved out of the basement of a college dorm and significantly expanded its space and program. Delton and Julia have both been there longer than most of the teachers…and many of the students too. Given that he is moving from an urban, non-traditional classroom of nine kids to a rural public elementary school with traditional classes of more than 20, this graduation means saying goodbye to much that Delton knows about it means to go to school.

Of course, none of that was on his mind during this big event. His only concern was finding a way to not have to wear his cap and gown. After many tears, he consented just in time to join his friends for the processional in Adams Auditorium at F&M. The cap came off as soon as he reached his seat. The rest of the night was a lot of fun: his grandparents and we witnessed Delton singing (and almost dancing!) in public for the first time, watched a slideshow, teared up as he handed his mom—the parent who’s truly earned his respect—a flower, enjoyed some vibrant artwork that he made and watched the kids play in the rain on the patio.

Hats off to Miss Janelle, Miss Linzi and all the other teachers at College Hill who’ve enriched our son’s formative years in ways beyond measure. I’m sure the transition that lies ahead will be bumpy, but Delton is well-prepared for continuing his education.

Of course, the alpha to this omega is the arrival of our niece, Cadence Reilly Herring (20 in., 7.8 lbs), after a few days of anxious waiting by Erin and Jeremy. We went to bed Thursday night knowing that Erin had been given an epidural and had her water ruptured—apparently the formula for a restful night followed by a very busy morning. We got the call around 6:30 that she had arrived and were out the door by 7:15 (kids and all!) so that we could squeeze in a quick visit before Aleisha needed to be at work (she made it by the skin of her teeth) and a weekend at the beach with her friends.

Delton’s reaction on hearing it was a girl: “That’s not cool.” His reaction upon seeing his new cousin: “She’s so cute.”


4 thoughts on “Alpha and Omega

  1. Hope all is well. I know life is busy but there is always time for old friends. We got a new email address but our home phone is the same.

  2. Hey Maureen what is your new email address? They are sending a class reunion invite via email and they had you on the list of needing an email address. Thanks hon! Hope all is going well. 🙂 It was great talking to you a few weeks ago.

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