Our soon 1st grader!

Well we have 1 more week before we send Delton off to 1st grade.  His supplies are bought and packed (and labeled, Tim!)

This week we met with a team to discuss Delton and what to expect with some of his behaviors they might see.  During that meeting we signed paper work to make him an official gifted student (GIEP) and discussed situtuations that might cause anxiety.   🙂  I’m a very proud mommy!

During this meeting we met his teacher, Mrs. Garner.  She seems like a great match for Delton.  I feel we have been blessed.  We also met the gifted teacher that will be working with him, Mrs. Wheeler.  I think this is going to be a great match too.  🙂

We then asked the principal if Delton would be able to come before orientation, to help ease his anxiety.  So, I took him in the next day.  We got into the office area and there was no secretary, so I rang the buzzer.  The principal came out and Delton got the biggest grin on his face, he was practically giggling.  He was so excited to meet the principal.  He went right up to her and shook her hand and said hi.  I had a hard time not laughing.  So we went on our tour of the school and the first place he wanted to visit was the library (who would have guessed?). So, we went upstairs to the library and the librarian was there, Mrs. Moyer.  She introduced herself and took Delton on a tour of the library.  We then went to his classroom and looked around and then the specialist rooms.  When we got to the music room, his response was, “I so, don’t want to take music.  When I get the list to pick my classes, I’m putting a big X on music because I so don’t want to take music.  I ‘ll pick a science class instead.”  I then had to explain that in elementary school you don’t pick classes (he is currently reading Harry Potter, where they pick classes).

We will meet his teacher on Wednesday night, when we head to orientation.


Did you know an orange is part of the berry family?

Today I was  informed by my 5 year old that oranges are part of the berry family.

Me: “It’s part of the citrus family, it’s not a berry.  Where did you hear that?”

Delton: “In my science book.”

Me: “Prove it.” (Great parent thing to say – right?)

He goes and gets his book and by golly he is right. I even checked online. Man, I should read more. LOL Whoever knew?

Right from the book:  Berries:  Seeds are enclosed in soft pulp; e.g. oranges.

WikiAnswer:  Yes an Orange is a berry.
Every Berry is a type of fruit, but a berry is defined by if it is created from one single ovary.

*The orange fruit is a hesperidium, a type of berry.*

– the tomato, also a berry.

Some stories to share


Delton comes down and says, “Dad you forgot to give me my flouride.”  They have a conversation and Tim finally says, “You are a good rememberer”  Delton comes back with, “I know, that’s why I have a big head”  HA!!!

Wednesday this week in the car:

Julia blurts out (have no clue why, but she did), “Daddy has a little penis!”  Delton comes back with, “No he doesn’t!”  They are fighting about the size of Tim’s penis people!  Julia then stretches out her hands (like men do when they are talking about the big fish they caught) real wide and says, “This is how big a big penis is.”  Somehow the conversation got to where she made this discovery – the men’s bathroom (I guess she will be going to the ladies room from now on).  I had to stop the argument then, I could hardly hold the laughter inside.  LOL  🙂

A few funnies from the kids

  1. The other day I dropped a few goldfish (the cracker kind) out on the drive way.  The kids noticed that the ants had started to carry bits and pieces of the crackers away.  We went out to the car today and Delton yells with excitment, “Mom, LOOK!  The ants devoured the crackers!”
  2. Driving to a playdate today we (the kids and I) drove past Kutztown University.  After we passed it, I told the kids we just went by the college that mommy went too.  All of the sudden Delton spots a mini golf place, the theme is zoo and he says, “Mom I bet you were excited to go to college here, they have a zoo golf course!”  Yes, that is the reason I went to KU!  LOL
  3. Dropped the kids off tonight to stay with Erin and Jeremy so we could go out to eat to celebrate Laura’s birthday.  I was going over a few things and got to Delton’s allergies.  Julia chimes in:  “I’m allergic to brussel sprouts and black beans….”  She said a few others but I can’t remember.

Love them both very much.  Even though I have days they drive me crazy, they always make me laugh.  🙂