Sisters are like blisters.
She makes me frown
when she pushes me down.
She is like flame
when she blames
me. But…

I still like her.

A poem by Delton, age 8


Because You’re Awesome

I am not ashamed to admit that I got a little teary-eyed when dropping Julia off at preschool today. We were in the elevator when I realized that this was our last time making this small journey together. I felt compelled to mark the occasion by blurting out, “Julia, I’m so proud of you.” She flashed a demure—but wide—grin, then asked, “Why, Daddy?”

Why? How to put into words the joy we get from hearing you read aloud to your stuffed animals each night? Our delight in your enthusiasm for that which we take for granted? Our admiration of the empathy you display in all your relationships? Our appreciation of your willingness to share your gifts with others?

“Because you’re awesome.”

I offered to read her a book, a part of our drop-off ritual that she had out-grown this year. When we finished Charlie the Caterpillar, I had to remind her to give me my “jump hug.” She stepped back a few paces, then ran to my outstretched arms, which lifted her above my head. Unusually, she did not ask for another, so I pulled her in tight for one last squeeze before she turned her attention to her classmates.

Tonight, we attended her pre-K graduation, a bittersweet moment for us because we feel truly blessed that our children could spend their preschool years in the nurturing environment that College Hill provided. Julia—ignoring her brother’s warnings about the embarrassment she would suffer underneath a mortarboard cap—had a delightful time.

These milestones in our children’s lives always prompt me to look back on our time as a family, surely a universal experience for all parents. And while I can wax nostalgic with the best of them, I have never felt that the kids were “growing up too fast.” Nor have I wondered, “Where has the time gone?” If anything, Delton and Julia have given us the gift of a thousand moments where time seems to stand still—moments where life is not so much about what we do, but about how and why and why not.

Seven Questions for Our Seven-Year-Old

Although he actually let us sing to him at his family party this year, Delton still wouldn’t let me film him for this year’s interview. So, here we are again…Happy Birthday, Delton!

What is a good book that you read lately?

Wizardry of Harry Potter

What is one of your friends’ names?


What is a TV show or movie you like?


What is a toy you like to play with?


What is a food or drink that you like?


What’s your favorite thing to do with your family?

Play Wii

What do you like about school?


Heaven Bound

An e-mail from Delton’s teacher:

Hi!  Wanted to let you know that Delton’s art teacher told me at the end of the day that Delton was telling some girls in our class that getting your head chopped off with the paper cutter is a real good way to get to heaven. Mrs. Gainer said that he wasn’t saying it in a threatening way, more as informative. 😉

Did You Know I Have an Imaginary Pickle?

As I was walking with Julia down the hallway of her preschool after picking her up today, she casually mentions, “Daddy, did you know I have an imaginary pickle?”

“An imaginary pickle?” I said, thinking this is an interesting choice for her first imaginary friend.

“No, daddy, I said (insert eye roll here) ‘imaginary pit bull,'” she replied.

OK, still an interesting choice, even if we are the proud owners of a flesh-and-blood pit bull. Turns out she suddenly has a whole litter of puppies that she “clutched” in her arms all the way to the car. They are all girls, except for the pug. One of them is named Princess. I think there’s a chocolate lab in the mix too. She said they could stay in the car while she accompanied me inside the barber shop on the way home.

I just realized that pickle is another word that Julia can fold under the umbrella of Actual Words Which I Will Pronounce Pipple (or At Least That’s How Daddy Always Hears Them). The others include the aforementioned pit bull, pimple and nipple. This is just her attempt to streamline the English language.

Our soon 1st grader!

Well we have 1 more week before we send Delton off to 1st grade.  His supplies are bought and packed (and labeled, Tim!)

This week we met with a team to discuss Delton and what to expect with some of his behaviors they might see.  During that meeting we signed paper work to make him an official gifted student (GIEP) and discussed situtuations that might cause anxiety.   🙂  I’m a very proud mommy!

During this meeting we met his teacher, Mrs. Garner.  She seems like a great match for Delton.  I feel we have been blessed.  We also met the gifted teacher that will be working with him, Mrs. Wheeler.  I think this is going to be a great match too.  🙂

We then asked the principal if Delton would be able to come before orientation, to help ease his anxiety.  So, I took him in the next day.  We got into the office area and there was no secretary, so I rang the buzzer.  The principal came out and Delton got the biggest grin on his face, he was practically giggling.  He was so excited to meet the principal.  He went right up to her and shook her hand and said hi.  I had a hard time not laughing.  So we went on our tour of the school and the first place he wanted to visit was the library (who would have guessed?). So, we went upstairs to the library and the librarian was there, Mrs. Moyer.  She introduced herself and took Delton on a tour of the library.  We then went to his classroom and looked around and then the specialist rooms.  When we got to the music room, his response was, “I so, don’t want to take music.  When I get the list to pick my classes, I’m putting a big X on music because I so don’t want to take music.  I ‘ll pick a science class instead.”  I then had to explain that in elementary school you don’t pick classes (he is currently reading Harry Potter, where they pick classes).

We will meet his teacher on Wednesday night, when we head to orientation.